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Knowledge and digital innovation

XIWEN lab is our creative laboratory where we dream up and create innovative approaches and digital solutions to share knowledge and skills, amaze, raise awareness, or promote. It's led by Patrice Bouvier, PhD in Computer Science in Virtual Reality, and Head of Research and Innovation at XIWEN studio.

Agence Nationale de la Recherche
Association Française de Réalité Virtuelle, Augmentée, Mixte et d'Interaction 3D International Conference on Computer Supported Education

The main R&D focus of the XIWEN lab is to design and create informal learning solutions. We use and combine different types of media, such as games, drawing, video games, virtual reality, and escape games. Our goal is to harness the engagement potential of entertainment to ignite and foster the desire for lifelong learning.

We are constantly monitoring scientific and technological progress. Our team works with researchers and high-level experts, in particular in virtual reality, psychology, educational science and technology-enhanced learning.

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We aim to develop digital tools that will become real instruments for learning, entertainment, or raising awareness.

That's why we pay particular attention to what the participant feels as they participate in this technological, and often social, activity. This experience is the product of a co-creation between the user, the activity, the context, and the system. This felt experience is what we then break down and analyse through the different notions of attention, immersion, involvement, engagement, flow, and presence. We also pay close attention to the acceptance and ownership of the tool by the different actors, to the effectiveness of its use in teaching, as well as its evaluation.

Key words: coaching, learner and knowledge models, trace analysis and reflexivity, emotion, engagement

Expérience du joueur. Positionnement des concepts d’immersion, d’implication, d’engagement, de présence et de flow
Projet e-FRAN EVAsion : équipe LPNC (CNRS) et XIWEN studio Valorisation et compréhension des pratiques scientifiques par le jeu vidéo

XIWEN lab is characterized by its ability to appropriate cultural, scientific or educational contents and to associate computer's components with perceptual, psychological and cognitive dimensions.

We have been working for several years with research teams, whether as a service provider or as a partner.

On social robotics, we are also working with Hoomano in France and with Shanti Robo in Japan.

With its R&D policy, XIWEN studio is in perfect capacity to work with researchers, experts on cross-disciplinary projects, while ensuring a benevolent and effective public-private dialogue for a lasting relationship of trust.

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